OBRA-registered teams in Oregon and SW Washington.

A list of clubs rides is available if you're looking for a group ride.


Name Results
BBC Bike Gallery Continental Results
Belgium Bike Bio Racer Results
Bethany Bike Repair pb MTBPDX.com Results
Bike Central/Barbur Vet Results
Boneyard Cycling Results
BriHOP Racing Results
Capitol Velo Results
Catabana Racing Team Results
Deschutes Brewery Results
Dr Will Bar p/b Atmosera Results
English Cycles Results
Evolution Racing Team/River City Bicycles Results
Fast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink Results
Flywheel Bicycle Solutions Results
Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team Results
Harder Cycling Results
Holtey Law p/b Peak Condition Results
Landspeed Results
NoMads Sports Club Results
Oregon Trail Syndicate Results
Owens Healthcare Results
Portland Velo Racing Results
Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing Results
Team S+M Results
Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office Results
US Military Endurance Sports Results
V.C. Cascade p/b Slocum Results