OBRA-registered teams in Oregon and SW Washington.

A list of clubs rides is available if you're looking for a group ride.


Name Results
BBC Bike Gallery Continental Results
Belgium Bike Bio Racer Results
Bethany Bike Repair pb MTBPDX.com Results
bicycleattorney.com Results
Bike Central/Barbur Vet Results
Boneyard Cycling Results
BriHOP Racing Results
Capitol Velo Results
Catabana Racing Team Results
Deschutes Brewery Results
Dr Will Bar p/b Atmosera Results
English Cycles Results
Evolution Racing Team/River City Bicycles Results
Fast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b Wattie Ink Results
Flywheel Bicycle Solutions Results
Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team Results
Harder Cycling Results
Holtey Law p/b Peak Condition Results
Landspeed Results
NoMads Sports Club Results
Oregon Trail Syndicate Results
Owens Healthcare Results
Portland Velo Racing Results
Team AF Results
Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing Results
Team S+M Results
Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office Results
US Military Endurance Sports Results
V.C. Cascade p/b Slocum Results