Paddle Sports

Event Name
31 Kings Valley Road Race Max Ritzow
38 Kings Valley Road Race Dirk Siverts
26 Rose Garden Circuit Race Paul Brown
7 Rose Garden Circuit Race Scott Damon
2 Mudslinger: MTB XC Dennis Sibilia-Young
4 Mudslinger: MTB XC Max Ritzow
4 Mudslinger: MTB XC Rowan Boutette
3 Mudslinger: MTB XC timothy broderick
6 Mudslinger: MTB XC Virginia Xing
1 Mudslinger: MTB XC phil randall
3 Mudslinger: MTB XC Ken Rodgers
5 Mudslinger: MTB XC Billy Ramsey
3 Mudslinger: MTB XC Bridget Hildreth
3 Mudslinger: MTB Super D Rowan Boutette
1 Mudslinger Stage Race Max Ritzow
1 Mudslinger Stage Race Ken Rodgers
10 As the Raven Flies Paul Brown
12 As the Raven Flies Doug Spencer
8 As the Raven Flies Mark Newsome
27 As the Raven Flies: Combined Paul Brown
40 As the Raven Flies: Combined Doug Spencer
30 As the Raven Flies: Combined Mark Newsome
1 Mudslinger: MTB Super D Ken Rodgers
3 Mudslinger Stage Race Rowan Boutette
1 Mudslinger: MTB Super D Max Ritzow
1 Mudslinger: MTB Hill Climb Ken Rodgers
2 Mudslinger: MTB Hill Climb Rowan Boutette
1 Mudslinger: MTB Hill Climb Max Ritzow
13 Gorge Roubaix Max Ritzow
26 Gorge Roubaix Max Ritzow
19 Cherry Pie steve lamper
27 Cherry Pie Doug Spencer
30 Cherry Pie timothy broderick
25 Cherry Pie Dondi Russell
19 Cherry Pie mark lipchick
8 Cherry Pie James Funch
7 Cherry Pie Bruce Burke
5 Cherry Pie Dennis Sibilia-Young
1 Cherry Pie Ken Rodgers
11 Cherry Pie Virginia Xing
3 Cherry Pie Max Ritzow
DQ Cherry Pie Scott Damon
11 Cherry Pie Paul Brown
14 Dirty Circles 2 Scott Damon
4 Dirty Circles 1 Max Ritzow
12 Dirty Circles Max Ritzow
33 Dirty Circles Scott Damon
8 Echo Red to Red MTB XC Billy Ramsey
217 Jack Frost TT: Combined Scott Damon
115 Jack Frost TT: Combined Doug Spencer
144 Jack Frost TT: Combined Ken Rodgers
258 Jack Frost TT: Combined Bruce Burke
97 Jack Frost TT: Combined Paul Brown
29 Jack Frost TT Doug Spencer
21 Jack Frost TT Paul Brown
15 Jack Frost TT Bruce Burke
8 Jack Frost TT Ken Rodgers
24 Jack Frost TT Scott Damon