Corvallis Cyclery Racing

Event Name
8 Twilight Criterium Series: July Series Standings Matthew White
5 Twilight Criterium Series Matthew White
6 Twilight Criterium Series Matthew White
8 Oregon 12/24 XC: 24 hour Chris Trask
12 Twilight Criterium Series Matthew White
1 Pickett's Charge Sarah Frey
3 Pickett's Charge Esteban Sandi
7 Pickett's Charge Adam Hadley
4 Pickett's Charge Eric Isaacs
5 Pickett's Charge Mau Paniagua
6 Six Hours of Mt. Hood Marcus Benton
2 ROTJ (Return on the Jedi) Sarah Frey
11 ROTJ (Return on the Jedi) Chris Trask
2 ROTJ (Return on the Jedi) Matt Betts
1 ROTJ (Return on the Jedi) Ava Betts
2 ROTJ (Return on the Jedi) Adam Hadley
15 Oregon Gran Fondo Matthew White
14 Sister's Stampede XC Garth Herring
6 Sister's Stampede XC Karen Dewolfe
10 Sister's Stampede XC Marcus Benton
5 Sister's Stampede XC Eduardo Guerrero
16 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Chris Trask
6 Sun Forest Construction Chainbreaker Eduardo Guerrero
3 Coast Hills Classic Sarah Frey
3 Coast Hills Classic Matthew White
10 Coast Hills Classic Chris Trask
8 Coast Hills Classic Adam Hadley
4 Coast Hills Classic Garth Herring
4 Coast Hills Classic Eduardo Guerrero
27 Bear Springs - XC Chris Trask
6 Bear Springs - XC Eduardo Guerrero
3 Bear Springs - XC John Trimble
2 Bear Springs - XC Matt Betts
11 Bear Springs - XC Garth Herring
1 Bear Springs - XC Marcus Benton
9 Mudslinger Eduardo Guerrero
5 Mudslinger Garth Herring
5 Mudslinger John Trimble
3 Mudslinger Matthew White
4 Mudslinger Christian Buesch
13 Mudslinger Chris Trask
3 Mudslinger Matt Betts
3 King's Valley Road Race presented by Hop Valley Brewing Co. Christian Buesch
15 Cherry Pie Matthew White