Free: 26" MTB Wheelset (v-brake)

Joe Tysoe

November 13, 2013 at 4:36 PM

Bontrager BCX-1, 32-hole. Gary Fisher hub on the front, can't remember
what's on the back.

The catch is that front wheel may not be ride-able any more; I backed
over it a few months back and the skewer was bent so you'd have to
hacksaw the skewer off.. It seems true. Tire is still on it and holds

Rear wheel is fine & true. Though, disclaimer, when I bought the bike
the rear wheel had a small dent in the rim. I've ridden the bike
plenty for a few years on these wheels and the rear has always been
just fine.

Wheelset came off a '96 Fisher Paragon; maybe you could cut the hubs
out? Or just use the rear? Salvage the front?

The free wheels don't come w/cassette or tires, which are very used
and also 9spd. :)

Please respond off-list.