Re: Hammer Velo Pay It Forward Xmas Ride

T. Kenji Sugahara

November 14, 2013 at 9:39 AM

Thanks for doing this Jeff- the more teams we can get the better.
Events like these really help with the general public's perception of
cyclists- so if your team can help out- please do!

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 3:56 PM, Jeff Tedder
> Good afternoon everyone,
> Well this is our 4th annual event we have done and exciting news for us, we
> have another OBRA team that wanted to get involved and take on a
> family.....Really want to thank Emily and her team Oregon Bike Shop for
> getting involved.....I just got confirmation from Doernbechers that we have
> found a family for them.....
> So there will be formal email coming out soon if you do want to get involved
> by riding with us or making a donation towards raising funds for these
> families....
> But for now, these are some quick details on the ride....
> Event...4th Annual Hammer Velo Pay It Forward Xmas Ride....
> Event is for needy families that have children at OHSU Doernbechers
> Children's Hospital....
> Purpose: To provide a great holiday for families that have sick children in
> need of some help during Christmas, and trust me, the first 3 years we have
> done this, it is well worth the efforts we put into it when you see the kids
> faces when we pull up on our bikes with backpacks and trailer loads of
> gifts, and our bikes all lit up with Xmas lights and bells.....We raised
> over 1000.00 last year from our team and the help of many of you and I hope
> some of you can help us out again this year with whatever you can, plus come
> ride with us....Or just come ride with us.....Its a heart warming night for
> sure....
> Date of Ride....Tuesday evening....Dec. 17th.....Full Moon that night, so
> fingers crossed for a clear night to ride....details to come on time and
> start location.....
> Thanks for reading.....
> Jeff Tedder
> Hammer Velo
> 503-473-7650
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