2017 OBRA Team Time Trial Championships


April 20, 2017 at 2:03 PM


Sunday, May 7th, 2017 (10:00AM)

General Information : This year’s TTT Championship will be included in OBRA TT Cup series for double points.

Fees and Registration :

Entry Fee: Adults: $25.00 each. Juniors: $10.00 each .

Please use online registration through www.revengecyclingandpromotions.com or through OBRA at www.obra.org .

No day of registration

When registering your team, please register all together at the same time or add your team name and team members on your registration so that I know who to slot you with.

Team Check In will open @ 8AM. The 1st team will roll out @ 10AM. Start Interval will be 1 minute. A final start list will be posted on Saturday, May 6 th, 2017.

OBRA annual licenses are required to medal and will be available for sale at the event. Please buy your annual license before the race if you do not already have one.


Course Description : FLAT AND FAST!

13.8 miles (out & back) https:// ridewithgps.com/routes/13256672

24.8 miles (for all the marbles) https:// ridewithgps.com/routes/13068098

Parking and Staging Area : Please follow the signs and directions of the volunteers. Participant and spectator parking will be held at Pioneer Park.

Special note : All participants will stage at Pioneer Park. The start line is north of the park on Linn Road – which snakes through a very small and quiet neighborhood. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL, COURTEOUS AND MINDFUL OF THE SURROUNDINGS. NO PUBLIC URINATIONS!!!

Categories :

Women* 240+

Junior Women

Women * 200-239

Women* 160-199

Junior Men

Women 4

Women 3

Senior Women

Men* 240+

Men* 200-239

Men* 160-199



Senior Men

Eddy Senior Men( Eddy Cat. is not considered a championship category)

Eddy Senior Women (Eddy Cat. is not considered a championship category)

Masters * must 40+ (age as of December 31st)

Prizes :

OBRA will be providing medals and State Champs clothing for purchase by winners. (OBRA annuals only)

Awards will be presented back at the Staging Area near the stage following the race.

Additional Important Information :

Masters age is 40+ for all riders on a master’s team. All teams may start with 3 or 4 riders. Composition of category-based teams may include only riders of the same or lower category, but the majority of the team must be from the category in which they have registered. (Team example: Cat 3 women may only have one Cat 4 woman on their team and the Cat 3 men may only have one Cat 4 male on their team.)

The CENTERLINE will be enforced around the entire course. Finishing teams will stay right and not cross center line to finish. Violations breakdown as follows:

o 1st Offense – Warning

o 2nd Offense – 15 seconds

o 3rd Offense – 30 seconds

o 4th Offense – DQ

We will be providing bib numbers for this event. Pin them on your RIGHT side. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR OBRA NUMBERS .

Overtaking groups should call out and pass on the left (but to the right of the centerline) while riding single file. Teams being overtaken should ride single file to the right side of the road.

The 3rd rider across the line stops the clock.

NO PUBLIC URINATIONS!!! There will be plenty of facilities available to

everyone at the Staging and Park Areas.

Riders must complete the entire distance and may not re-enter the race after left the course.

Directions :

>From the North : Take I-5 South to exit #216. Turns left onto HWY 228 and drive approximately 4 miles and turn left on Main St. Go over the bridge and turn left on Park Ave, go over the small hill and follow the signs.

>From the South : Take I-5 North to exit #216, Turn right onto HWY 228 and drive approximately 4 miles and turn left on Main St. Go over the bridge and turn left on Park Ave, go over the small hill and follow the signs.

Information : Contact Kenny Graham , 541-905-9698 or at revengecyclingandpromotions@gmail.com

Visit www.revengeyclingandpromotions.com – go to the Upcoming Events for race registration.