Re: Spin Gym???

Jeff Tedder & Shari

September 30, 2009 at 4:45 AM

I have hard core Interval classes all year around at PACE...every Wednesday
night....right in the center of town....I am rushing out the door but can
get you info later....Let me know...

Jeff Tedder
Solid Core Training
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> Okay, I've had this idea forever, but really don't have them means to
> do anything with it. So maybe someone else can take the ball and run
> with it.
> Portland needs a real Spin Gym! With all the cyclists and all the
> rain, we need somewhere to go.
> A place where there's a bunch of spin bikes some tvs and that's about
> it. Sure, there could be all sorts of the simulated racing machines
> and whatnot, but really just a place to sit on a spin bike and watch a
> blazers game would be solid gold. Maybe charge a monthly membership,
> maybe by the visit, there's a bunch of ways it could be structured to
> make $$$.
> Last year I searched like crazy, and there isn't anywhere in town that
> just has an area devoted to spin bikes, where you can just come in, on
> your own time, and bang out some intervals.
> If anyone knows of such a place or wants to start one, get me in the
> loop! I'll even work at the snack bar!
> Thanks,
> Joe King
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