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December 4, 2011 at 6:31 PM

dacrizzow / all,
I personally want people people to understand that I do not see these
different Cross races and or Series as competing with each other or one
being better than another. Each has a unique flavor and offer people the
choice like dacrizzow mentioned, of drifting toward one direction or

Again. We are so fortunate and I hope continue to support the promoters and
sponsors of these events. I have yet to do a Cross race I disliked!!!!

OBRA is the BEST environment for the people's racing in the USA. Our race
scene encourages racers to not only strive for the top rung of the ladder,
but fosters all to either climb (or in cross) sandbag on one of the rungs!

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second that. all great courses. some of my favorites in fact. the Molly's
name has been synonymous with portland cyclocross for several years now.
seems a very befitting match. the leader jersey's were cool too. the series
will probably take top priority for me next season.
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