Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team

Event Category Name
3 Alsea Falls XC OBRA Championships Clydesdale 200+ Tom Smith
1 Willamette Gran Fondo Men U18 Kirk Lange
1 Willamette Gran Fondo Tandem Kate/Jeff Lange/Lange
26 Willamette Gran Fondo Men 50-59 Max Rink
3 Pickett's Charge Clydesdale Men Thomas Smith
3 ROTJ (Return on the Jedi) Clydesdale 200+ Men Tom Smith
4 Twilight TT Series Men 5 Chad Everson
39 Twilight TT Series: Combined Combined Chad Everson
5 Coast Hills Classic Sport Men 50-59 Phil Randall
5 Coast Hills Classic Novice Junior Men 14-18 Jesse Newman