FS: Redline Conquest 24, 2012, clean, low miles

Brian Johnson

December 2, 2018 at 4:08 PM

The CX season is all but done. Maybe you had kiddo give a few races a try on their mountain bike and now they���re hooked. So now it���s time for a real CX bike? Come take my Redline Conquest 24: a perfect little CX bike, not a heavy clunker!

2012 Redline Conquest, 24��� wheels
White aluminum frame with black and red accents
Basically stock, tires have plenty of tread left.
I replaced the unbelievably flimsy stock rear derailleur hanger with a stout Wheel Mfg model.

Over the years, it only saw the occasional race and neighborhood spin. No mud, no rain, no crashing. I bought it kinda late for my son���s age and he outgrew it fairly quickly before moving on to an ���adult��� sized CX bike. So this Conquest 24 has been sitting indoors, unused, for the past couple of years.

Photos available upon request.

$350 cold hard cash.

Brian J.