Grail De La Grunge Cup of Cyclocross

B Witty

October 2, 2002 at 11:41 PM

First race is this Sunday, October 6th at Alpenrose in Portland. For more

info see:

History of the Grail Della Grunge Cup of Cyclocross.......

Far, far away, in a mythical land called the Great NW, are found two rival

cities. To the south lies Portland, named by a coin toss, it is the capital

of a sunny river valley and home to happy residents who enjoy a bounty of

prolific hop and grape bearing vines. To the north sits Seattle, named for

an Indian chief, it is the capital of a rainy swampland and home to a

depressed and grungy populace of caramel latte drinkers.

For centuries, these two cities have argued over whose cyclocross racers

were the greatest in the land. The CycloCross Crusade, which started in

Portland, conquered the lands of Oregon and has attacked the State of

Washington by becoming the largest cyclocross series in the country.

Meanwhile the Seattle campaign, dubbed the "Metro Series" (presumable after

the monorail which stops at Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer and Starbucks), has seen

the defection of many of its troops to the bounty of the 'Cross Crusades.

Thusly, in order to firmly establish its superiority, the Knights of the

'Cross Crusade have challenged their dimwitted northern counterparts to a

grunge match. After decades of unanswered phone calls, the metro series

chiefs have emerged from their dumpy dingy hovel, to accept the challenge.

Their warriors, having discovered that the primes in Portland were paid in

vino and brew, are anxious to fight.

To celebrate and award the winner of the "grunge" match, a trophy has been

forged from the remains of broken 'cross bikes and emptied kegs. This grail

shall be displayed publicly in the winning city until the end of the next

season's grunge match (or as long as it remains protected from the

un-sportsmanlike escapades of the sore losers in the vanquished city).

We, the Knights of the 'Cross Crusade, call upon our army of crusaders to

rise up and claim the Grail Della Grunge cup as our legacy and righteous

trophy and symbol of superiority!!!


2002 Grail De La Grunge Cup of Cyclocross (PDX vs. Seattle)

Four Race Series- two in Portland and two in Seattle

Round #1- Sunday, October 6th

Cross Crusade #1 at Alpenrose

(more info at:

Round #2- Saturday, October 19th

Cannondale/PDX Int'l Cross Classic UCI

(more info at:

Round #3- Sunday, October 20th

Seattle Redline Cup UCI

(more info at:

Final Round- Sunday, November 10th

Seattle Metro Series Race at Lincoln Park

(more info at:

Grail De La Grunge Scoring:

A traditional (well, almost) XC Run scoring system will be used to score

each cities team as follows:

* Points will be assigned based on an individual's finishing place: (e.g.

1st place = 1 pt, 2nd place = 2 pts, 3rd place = 3 pts, etc.)

* Only each cities' top 4 male riders (and 2 for the women) will score. If

one of the Cities' teams fails to finish 4 (or 2 for the women) racers, they

are considered "incomplete" and WILL NOT be included in scoring for that


* The sum total of the top 4 men and top 2 women racers' points will

constitute the Cities' team score for that race, with the low score winning

that race.

* The City with the most wins in the four predetermined Grunge Cup races,

will win the coveted Grail.