Cross Crusade #7 - Photos from PIR Infield

Tim Schallberger

November 13, 2013 at 7:48 PM

Hey Folks,

Whew, photos from the PIR Infield have been posted. These back to back racing/shooting/editing days wreck havoc on free-time. Unfortunately, I tore a calf muscle in my race so I was a little less mobile than I would have liked. Ended up alternating between the slippery hill in the woods and then hobbled out to the barriers for some nice (to me anyway) wide angle perspectives and a few of the barrier hopping madness at the end of the day.

Include are my usual selection of compositionally questionable and mostly in focus shots. Feel free to friend me up in FB as well and then I will tag you directly when I post over there...


Tim Schallberger