Team Planet X USA wants You!

brandon sequoia

November 14, 2013 at 4:26 PM

Attention Oregon Mountain Bike Racers:

Planet X wants you!

Team Planet X USA is an amateur bike racing team based in

We currently have about 40 members racing in OBRA races, and
a strong, expanding support network of sponsors.

We are looking to expand our team in the XC MTB and
Cyclocross categories for 2014 and beyond.

Team Planet X USA has a particular passion for doing
anything and everything in our power to make bike racing and bikes in general
more accessible to a broader spectrum of people. As such, we have focused the
team on novice and first-time racers, or those brand new to racing on a team.
That isn’t to say that we only accept beginner or novice riders. We welcome
anyone who wants to race for a team that eschews elitism and places top
priority on fun, camaraderie, community, and acceptance.

We hold weekly team rides, weekly skills camps, regular team
parties, and participate in as many events and races as possible.

For more information about Planet X, a 25+ year old
manufacturer of bikes and bike products based in Sheffield, England, click

For more information about the team, click here:

And feel free to get in touch with me personally if you have
any specific questions.


Brandon Rothauge