Mt. Hood Bike/Ped Coalition

T. Kenji Sugahara

December 26, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Nice update from Mt. Hood. Big kudos to OBRA promoter Peter Kakes for
stepping up to the plate and making a difference!

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From: George C Wilson
Date: Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 10:32 PM
Subject: Mt. Hood Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition/December 2014 Update

Greetings Everyone!

I hope this e-mail finds you all in the holiday spirit, and enjoying
your time with your families. Happy Holidays to everyone, and Happy
New Year! Let�s make 2014 count!

I feel big things about to happen for the villages of Mt. Hood,
Government Camp and Timberline Lodge! I can�t help but feel a certain
electrical charge in the air while thinking of all the cycling
possibilities for our Hoodland communities. I�m proud to say there are
several major players who are able to see the vision and benefits of
becoming a cycling friendly community. I personally wish to thank the
following individuals for their on-going support:

� Rep. Mark Johnson � Oregon State Representative

� Danielle Cowan � Executive Director/Clackamas County Tourism
and Cultural Affairs

� Jae Heidenreich � Development Lead/Clackamas County Tourism
and Cultural Affairs

� Mike Bezner � Clackamas County Transportation Engineering Manager

� Jon Tullis �Director of Public Affairs/Timberline Lodge

� Kirk Hanna � Owner/Skibowl

� Petr Kakes � Fellow Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition Organizer
and Owner of Hurricane Racing

� Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors

Without your support, none of this would be possible!

Date Change For The Villages at Mt. Hood January 2014 Town Hall Meeting

Due to a scheduling issue with the Resort, we have had to reschedule
the Villages at Mt. Hood Town Hall meeting to Saturday; January 25,
2014. The meeting will still be held at the Resort at the Mountain.

The primary focus will be on cycling/cycling tourism for our Hoodland
communities. I am hopeful many of you will show your support by
attending Saturday�s meeting from 9:00 a.m. � 12:00 p.m., in order to
make this a very well attended meeting. I promise an informative
meeting that will bring you all up to speed with current events
pertaining to our goals of becoming a cycling destination. Clackamas
County Tourism and Cultural Affairs have been extremely helpful in
working with us to promote cycling tourism for our region, and will be
providing several presenters to educate residents and local businesses
of the value in cycling tourism.

The Villages at Mt. Hood January 2014 Town Hall Meeting agenda is as follows:

9:00 � Doors Open

9:30 � Meeting Starts/ Call to Order � Bob Reeves/Board Chairman

9:35 � Mt. Hood Express Bus Service Update - Teresa
Christoperson/Social Services/Clackamas County

Teresa will be discussing the extended bus routing to
Government Camp and Timberline Lodge, which will include new buses
equipped with bike trailers

9:50 � Clackamas County Road Maintenance Funding- Mike
Bezner/Clackamas County Transportation Engineering Manager

Mike will be discussing Clackamas County�s outreach
efforts pertaining to road maintenance funding for 2014

10:10 � Mt. Hood Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition Introduction � George

10:15 � Share the Road Signage Placement - Mike Bezner/Clackamas
County Transportation Engineering Manager

10:25 - Jennifer Lutman/ Clackamas County Development Programs
Specialist and Jim Austin/Clackamas County Tourism Analyst

Jennifer Lutman is the author and editor of Clackamas
County�s new Biking Newsletter. She will present:

� The state�s new Bike Friendly Business Initiative, program
requirements and recommendations, and how to apply. She�ll be showing
a 5 minute video, �The Business Case for Being Bike Friendly.� This
program will be out of its pilot phase in January, so this timing is

� �We Speak Biking� assistance available for local business and
front-line staff.

� Highlights of the recent investments as a result of the recent
Clackamas County Development Grant awards, of which a number of those
projects are bike-related and in our area.

10:50 � Community Input/Persons To Be Heard

12:00 � Adjournment

Two Board Postitions Available for the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors

There are currently two board positions available for the Villages at
Mt. Hood Board of Directors. We are seeking local residents 18 y/o and
above who are interested in having a seat at the table during
discussions pertaining to our village communities. The ability to
�think outside the box� is very much desirable, and frankly . . . we
could use the help. We have been able to accomplish much as a result
of being �agents of the County�, as there are a multitude of resources
available through the county. Time commitment is not substantial, and
applicants will be able to fill interim positions until May 2014, at
which point elections will be held for permanent seats at the May 2014
Town Hall Meeting. Anyone interested in applying please contact me Please . . . someone step up to the plate
and assist us in the shaping of our communities. If local residents
continue to refuse to become involved, I assure you it will be done
for us by those who do not live here, and could care less what our
communities look like as long they receive financial gain! It is my
goal to avoid that scenario at all cost.

Rep. Mark Johhson Endorses Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan for the
Villages of Mt. Hood, Government Camp and Timberline Lodge

Please view Rep. Mark Johnson�s endorsement and letter of support for
the Mt. Hood Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition, and our efforts to develop
a Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan for our Hoodland region is attached
to this mailing.

For those of you who will potentially have problems opening the
attached file, it reads as follows:

As the State Representative for the Villages of Mt. Hood, I would like
to express the importance of the Bicycle and Pedestrian project
submitted by George Wilson. Deteriorating roadways that lack clear
bike lanes impair the safety conditions along Hwy 26, reduce tourism
opportunities and ultimately financial gains, and negatively impact
the quality of life for members of these communities. The
ConnectOregon grant is necessary to not only improve the vitality of
the citizens of the Mt. Hood region but also allow for the growth of
rural Oregon�s contribution to the state�s economy.

The five villages of Mt. Hood to Government Camp/Timberline Lodge
offer some of the most scenic views in Oregon. Currently, the only way
to experience the gorgeous scenery is to travel on major roadways
and/or Hwy 26. Without safety corridors, the documented number of
accidents that have occurred along this path proves the need for the
implementation for this project. By utilizing parts of the Barlow
Trail Route and the Mt. Hood Highway, the rich history of this region
can be combined with modern day improvements and raise the standard of
living for members in the region and promote a healthy lifestyle.

These improvements will also draw a new level of interest to the
region from across the state and country by becoming a world-class
recreational destination. While tourists travel to the region to visit
Ski Bowl and Timberline Lodge, there is no incentive to stop along
the way to visit local businesses and offer patronage to the towns on
Hwy 26. Bicycle tourism is a culture that has already been cultivated
throughout the state and has proven to be a large aspect of revenue.
For the Hoodland Villages to not take advantage of this precedent is a
missed opportunity. When cyclists travel for recreation, they do more
than just bring their bikes: food is their fuel so they stop at local
restaurants; they lodge in order to take advantage of multiple trails
in the region; and they need resources geared directly their sport
with promotes entrepreneurial attitudes and small business growth.
Implementation of this project will produce long-term results for the
region and the state.

Support for this project expands beyond the citizens of the region.
Travel Oregon, Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs, local
businesses, and community stakeholders all support the goals of this
project. These stakeholders recognize the impact this project could
have and want to participate in the revitalization of a rural economy.
As the State Representative, I have seen the benefits of bicycle
tourism in Hood River County. Because of this, I am excited for the
realization of this project on the other side of the Mountain and to
develop destinations in Clackamas County that will last for
generations to come.


Rep. Mark Johnson

We have also received endorsement letters from Timberline Lodge,
Skibowl, Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs, and the
Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors. We have a commitment from
Bill Westbrook/National Forest Service, and will hopefully have their
endorsement in the very near future!

I should also mention endorsement letters from local businesses such
as Mt. Hood Roasters Coffee Company and All Season�s Property

A big �THANK YOU� to all of you for your support!

Wine and Beer Food Pairing Event at the Resort at the Mountain; May 2014

Tentative plans are in the making for a special Wine/Beer Food Pairing
Event to be held at the Resort at the Mountain. Rep. Mark Johnson is
the �facilitator and conceptual engineer� for this event, and has
asked the Mt. Hood Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition to partner up with the
Oregon Wine Growers Assoc., Oregon Brewers Assoc. and the Resort at
the Mountain for this May food pairing event. Planning is underway,
and it is possible the date could change, but for now the plan is hold
the event in May 2014.

This will be excellent exposure for our community, and a great
opportunity to promote the Mt. Hood Bicycle-Pedestrian
Coalition/Cycling Tourism.

There are grant funding opportunities available through our local
Tourism Action Plan Committee(TAP)/Clackamas County, for which I will
apply for advertising and promotional purposes for this event. The
grant application has to be in by December 31, 2013.

I will keep you all updated as plans develop, and sincerely ask your
support via attendance. Please support this event!

East Multnomah County Bicycle Tourism Initiative

The Gresham Chamber of Commerce hosted a Bicycle Tourism Studio
Workshop in November 2013, with nearly 100 participants.

They have a new project website up and running with weekly updates and
bicycle tourism information and news. Important project documents are
posted with links to press and opportunities to engage. Please take a
look. You can get to the new site through the existing project page,
but will take you
directly to the new site.

Save the Date for the Bicycle Tourism Initiative implementation lunch
and reception, February 19th from 4:30-6 pm. Location TBD. We'll be
presenting the results from the Bicycle Tourism Studio Workshops and
our list of priority projects, plus celebrating all the efforts of the
many people and organizations who have helped us get to this point. We
hope you can make it. Please register for the event using the
following URL address:,
or contact

Heidi Beierle

Project Coordinator

Bicycle Tourism Initiative (BTI)

C: 541.514.4409

BTI project site

Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center

701 NE Hood Avenue

Gresham, OR 97030

O: 503.665.1131

Clackamas County Transportation System Plan Approved by County
Commission Sets Priorities For 20 Years

The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners on December 11, 2013
unanimously approved a 20-year Transportation System Plan (TSP),
largely following recommendations from the planning commission and

"This transportation plan has evolved over more than two years with
extensive public involvement," said County Commission Chair John
Ludlow, "and will help continue to provide the safe and reliable
transportation system our residents and businesses need and deserve."

The approved plan includes more than 300 transportation projects that
were identified as being needed throughout unincorporated Clackamas
County over the next 20 years, though funds are likely to be available
for only a small percentage of the total.

The TSP also includes updated policies to guide development of the
projects that:

� Look at the transportation system through a local perspective (rural
and urban);

� Specifically address safety, health, equity and sustainability;

� Integrate transportation with land use;

� Address active transportation (bicycling and walking) and accessibility needs;

� Support the movement of freight; and

� Ensure compliance with national and local regulations, including a
change of intersection and roadway performance standards.

The TSP was developed over the past two years with extensive public
outreach and the leadership of a 22-member public advisory committee.
The approved plan will now be drafted into an ordinance for the board
to approve early in 2014 as part of the county's comprehensive plan.
The draft text is at; the final text will
be available at

For more information, contact transportation planning supervisor Karen
Buehrig at or 503-742-4683.


OREGON CITY, Ore. (Dec. 12, 2013) � Clackamas County Tourism
Development Council (TDC) has awarded 2013 Tourism Development Grants
to 12 recipients to help improve tourism assets in the county.

A total of $200,000 was awarded including seven projects supporting
bicycle-related tourism, a feasibility study for a new whitewater park
on the Clackamas River as well as an economic analysis of a potential
Pop Culture Museum in Milwaukie.

�Each of the projects selected this year adds to our vision of growing
and improving tourism assets and leveraging partnerships and
investments. It's extremely exciting and rewarding to see the kinds of
new visitor experiences that are being offered in Clackamas County,�
said Danielle Cowan, Executive Director of Clackamas County Tourism &
Cultural Affairs (CCTCA).

The grant applications were reviewed by a panel comprised of CCTCA
staff and TDC board members, Clackamas County Arts Alliance, Travel
Oregon and Travel Portland representatives.

�The Grant Review Panel judged each application against a set of
criteria that were derived from the county's five-year Tourism Master
Plan. The projects were measured by how closely they met the TDC's
established priorities for investments including the quality of
partnerships, readiness, and the ability of the project to increase
overnight stays or "linger longer" in Clackamas County,� noted Cowan.

Funded projects include:

� Cycling/Visitor Plaza in Estacada - $30,000

� Sandy/Boring Corn Cross bike race - $6,000

� McIver State Park Hiker / Biker Campground Shelter in
Estacada - $19,200

� Mt. Hood Moderate Lift-Served Mountain Bike Trail -
$20,000 (Congratulations to Petr Kakes/Hurricane Racing. Good job

� Mt. Hood Area Mountain Bike Clinic Series - $8,350

� Pop Culture Museum Feasibility Study in Milwaukie - $15,000

� Whitewater Park Feasibility Study - $59,190

� Meldrum Bar Park Bicycle-Tourism Attraction Feasibility
Study - $7,500

� Willamette Falls Heritage Area Website Enhancement - $6,000

TDC Board Chair Daphne Wuest said she was pleased that all of the hard
work by staff, the board and other tourism partners was paying off and
resulting in high caliber projects that would significantly boost
tourism in Clackamas County.

�These projects will truly enhance the recreational experiences
offered in Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory and will provide many new
opportunities for marketing the county as a fun destination to visit,�
she said.

To learn more about the projects or the grant process, contact Jae
Heidenreich at 503-742-5910 or at

About Oregon�s Mt. Hood Territory: Clackamas County Tourism &
Cultural Affairs (branded �Oregon�s Mt. Hood Territory"), is
dedicated to economic development through visitor spending, and is
funded by transient room taxes from area lodging facilities and
campgrounds. Clackamas County is a contributing partner in enhancing
Oregon�s quality of life by strengthening the economic impacts of the
state's $8.7 billion tourism industry.

Happy Holidays Everyone, and have a safe and happy New Year! Feel free
to forward this mailing to those you feel may be interested.

George Wilson


Villages at Mt. Hood BOD

Kenji Sugahara
Executive Director
Oregon Bicycle Racing Association
Phone: 503-278-5550