Final Call - Clement Tires on Sale

Todd Shank

March 26, 2014 at 1:00 PM

All Clement tires are on sale until the end of March.
Pricing is per tire.

I own and operate Salmon Creek Cycle Co., Vancouver, WA's only mobile bike repair business.

Please call me to place an order and I will deliver locally in the PDX Metro area or we can meet up.

Thanks, Todd 503.522.2307

Get those PDX's for CX now while the prices are cheap!!!

FRJ 27.5x2.25 120tpi $60.00
FRJ 27.5x2.25 60tpi $40.00
LXV 29x2.1 120tpi $60.00
LXV 29x2.1 60tpi $33.00

PDX Tubular 700x33 $90.00
PDX Clincher 700x33 120tpi $33.00
LAS Tubular 700x33 $90.00
LAS Clincher 700x33 120tpi $33.00
X'Plor USH 700x35 120tpi $50.00
X'Plor USH 700x35 60tpi $33.00
X'Plor MSO 700x40 120tpi $50.00
X'Plor MSO 700x40 60tpi $33.00
X'Plor MSO 700x32 120tpi $50.00
X'Plor MSO 700x32 60tpi $33.00
MXP Tubular 700x33 $90.00
MXP Clincher 700x33 120tpi $33.00

Strada LGG 700x23 120tpi $33.00
Strada LGG 700x23 60tpi $25.00
Strada LGG 700x25 120tpi $33.00
Strada LGG 700x25 60tpi $25.00
Strada LGG 700x25(gumwall) 60tpi $25.00
Strada LGG 700x28 120tpi $33.00
Strada LGG 700x28 60tpi $25.00
Strada LGG 700x28(gumwall) 60tpi $25.00