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January 5, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Hey folks. It is putting in time on mundane tasks that often give us the more fun and exciting adventures. Off road bikers behaving well is a good thing!
Inaction or melting down in dramatic fashion does nothing to get more natural surface riding options close to home.
Hope to see some families there to let Parks know how important your home environment is to livability.

From: Andrew Jansky
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 10:01 AM
To: rondot@spiritone.com
Subject: meeting weds

Ron, can you get word out about the meeting. We do need some folks there and my idea of parent from TAKMD has not panned out. Not one reply to my email to all of the parents who attended. 80 total.

So we need some folks

Here is what I sent to them:

We need your help at the Portland Parks Budget Meeting.

Thank you for attending Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day last fall hosted by NWTA. If you recall, I asked if you would attend an important meeting impacting future mountain biking opportunities in Portland. That meeting is January 7.

The purpose of this Portland Parks meeting is for them to review the proposed budget for next year and listen to the public about priorities they may have missed during their internal process. Guess what... safe places for kids to ride their bikes is not currently included.

Remember the NWTA planning petition? We have 2500 signatures supporting it and we will be officially handing over the petition and requesting that Commissioner Fritz and the committee fund the master plan process at this meeting.

We need a strong showing of parents and kids to show up and support our request. This is a great opportunity to show your kids a bit of public process and start their advocacy passion. This is not the most exciting thing to take a kid to, but it is a VERY important crossroad in our advocacy efforts.

As we understand there will be a brief presentation by Parks, then an opportunity for NWTA to present our petition and other interest groups. Then we will break up into smaller groups to dialog with parks staff. This is the real chance for you to talk with Parks about mountain biking and anything else you feel important impacting your local parks and community centers.

So consider this letter to you me cashing in my chip for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. Will you please commit to bring a kid or two? It will send Parks a strong message, just like we recently did at the North Tualatin Mountains Metro meeting.

Working together, we can plan for our kids future, and ensure they will continue our passion for biking on dirt in Portland.

Portland Parks Budget Dialogue-Public Open House

Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time: 6pm-8pm

Location: St. Philip Neri Church, Carvlin Hall, 2408 SE 16th Avenue.

Please RSVP to me if you are planning to come we need a few kids to help present the petition. Though not widely advertised, this is a public meeting -- feel free to invite your friends as well!


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