August 8 - Monday Night Bike Race Series

Jim Anderson

August 7, 2016 at 6:23 AM

August 8 - Monday Night Bike Race Series.
Turn your Monday from a drag into a drag race by coming out to the Monday
Night Bike Races at PIR starting on August 8, 2016. There are four more
races in the August Series, and come check it out early because the top
three monthly finishers in each category will win great prizes from our
fantastic sponsors: River City Bicycles, Laurelwood Brewing Company and
Castelli. Learn more at:

- $20.00 ENTRY FEE (UPDATED - Effective July 18, 2016)
- Numbers on the RIGHT!
- Sign Up ONLINE at imAthlete:
- August Series - Castelli August Team Prize! (See Details Below)
- July Series Prizes and Points - Pick up those prizes! (See Details Below)
- Introduction to Racing Clinics Tonight! (See Details Below)
- It is Cash, Check or Registration Online at imAthlete for $20.00 entry
- "Like Us" on Facebook for more updates and race details this 2016 Season:

Let’s Go Team! Show some team spirit and come out to PIR this Summer!
Support your teammates at all levels in the competition for the Castelli
Team Prize. The Team Prize is $1,000 for the team with the most collective
points—across all categories—for a month. The prize will be awarded
twice—once in July and once in August. Teams are encouraged to enter as
many racers as they can in all levels to increase chances of winning
points. Racers will be in peak condition by mid-summer, so get ready for a
fierce battle for the winner-takes-all prize! Thanks to Castelli for the
support of this fantastic team prize! The prize money will be awarded at
the end of July and the end of August and will be issued directly from
Castelli to the winning Team.

More info:

Team Standings August Week 1 Points
1 Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Vancouver Toyota PORTLAND 68
2 Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing Portland 51
3 Olympia Cycling Team Portland 19
4 Athletes Lounge Cycling Team Gresham 16
5 VMR Racing Portland 8
6 Team Polenta Portland 7
7 Word-RCB by Cyclisme Milwaukie 7
8 Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team Portland 6
9 Portland 4
10 BriHOP Racing Lake Oswego 3
11 River City Bicycles Portland 3

JULY SERIES RESULTS - Monday Night Bike Race Series
Thanks to our fantastic sponsors, the top-3 riders receive Gift
Certificates from Laurelwood Brewing and River City Bicycles. 1st Place in
Masters 30+ Category 1/2/3, Masters 30+ Category 4/5, and Women receive the
coveted Castelli Leader Jersey! Please pick up your prizes in August for
the July Series (or prior month prizes)!

Due to low turnout in the Women's field (again in July), we will just
combine GC prizes and double them up for the Top 3 Women's combined
category. In order to have future Women's races, we need Women to show up.

NOTE: Please stop by registration to collect your July prizes on or after
August 1st race, they should have your name on them. We appreciate your
attentiveness in picking up your GCs and Castelli Leader Jersey in a timely
matter! We also have GCs from April, May, June AND JULY, please pick them
up! Please pick them up!

Full July Series Results here:

Masters 30+ Category 1/2/3
1st. Litinsky, Marek Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 18 18 25 61
2nd. Nystrom, Felipe Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Vancouver Toyota 25
15 18 58
3rd. Reinhart, Tim Giro/River City Bicycles 15 12 27

Masters 30+ Category 4/5
1st. Tornai, Robert Audi 25 25 8 58
2nd. Hinkle, Jonathon Athletes Lounge Cycling Team 15 15 18 48
3rd. Cross, Lorne Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 18 12 6 36

1st. Sherritt, Nathaniel Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 25 15
25 65
2nd. Sample, Zach 10 18 28
3rd. Hayward, Trevor 25 25

1st. Menze, Erica Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing 25 25 50
2nd. Russenberg, Sophie 18 18
3rd. Johansen, Elyse Olympia Cycling Team 18 18