Monday Night Bike Race Series - It's a wrap!

Jim Anderson

August 22, 2016 at 1:52 PM


2016 Monday Night Bike Race Series - It's a wrap! Come on out and race the
next 2 Monday Nights!

As a side note....

I am retiring from organizing Monday Night PIR Bike Race Series in 2017. My
time of organizing has come to an end after "stepping in" as race organizer
way back in 1996 (as a Senior in High School and taking it on as a
"project"). This race series was the longest one I organized after many
other bike race events in the Portland-Metro area and Willamette Valley
area. As a note, I did take about 4 yrs off when I handed it to my racing
team, Team Oregon from about 2009-2012.

You may have seen the writing on the wall. After endless attempts and
literarily pounding the pavement with postcard flyers, mailers, marketing,
social media, press releases, publicity, ads and broadcast media the race
series suffered greatly. The lack of participants has crippled the race
series financially. On the plus side, April and May were nearly record
turnout and almost had a 20 yr record! The end of May till current time the
entries has been well below my break even point with many times nearly not
enough to run categories.

I am in process of looking for a replacement organizer.

Thanks for support. I need to focus on my other two careers and my ever
demanding work-travel schedule with Axeon Hagens Berman Professional
Cycling Team. Along with focusing more effort as Team President of Team

My last race in attendance will be August 22, 2016. The race series
continues on August 29, however I will be gone.

Best Regards
Jim Anderson