3 Junior bikes - two road, one CX


February 15, 2017 at 6:30 PM

So googling, looks like the Fuji Ace is a Fuji Ace 24 - has drop bar and everything else looks the same. And the Trek is roughly the same size... so I guess they're both 24s? The Redline is definitley bigger... Yet it also calls itself a 24

Pics. Tis the answer. Email me for them.


February 15, 2017 at 6:28 PM

Have three kids bikes up for grabs.

Unfortunately, I'm a little thin on details. I just snatched these up for my kids as they became available over the last few years, never really paid too much attention to specs on 'em, 'cause they're for 8-11 year olds and are gonna be heavy and have low-end groups and probably just get dropped and crashed all the time anyway. So I'll just describe them as best I can.. and I do have pics readily available and can get more tomorrow.

Redline Conquest 24 - I guess this would be considered a "24 inch bike?" has something like Claris with thumb paddles, mini-vs of some variety, obviously drop bar.. Some scratches and probably some light road rash here and there. Definitely needs new bar tap. $250

Trek 20"? Not sure the model. Drop bar, slicks, caliper brakes, also Claris I think - pretty sure it's got thumb paddles. Have an extra set of slick clinchers for it, too. Similar condition as above - $225

Fuji Ace - also 20"? This one is also Shimano group, but I don't have the slightest what... has those stupid stem-mounted shifters my 8 year old never did figure out how to manipulate while riding. Should be similar condition as above - $225

EMAIL for pics - I don't get subscription updates here