Touring in Sweden/Norway

Nathan Frechen

February 16, 2017 at 7:38 AM

Does anyone have experience touring in Sweden or Norway? I'm headed there (near Gothenberg) in mid-June, and was hoping to add a 4-5 day tour to the end of a business trip.

More a sightseeing than ride 15 hours/day kind of tour, but I enjoy gravel roads, etc more than just paved roads. Don't mind climbing. Nature more than cities, etc. Bike will be a Surly Crosscheck with 45c tires. Can easily bring camping gear. I'll need someplace to store my S&S bag as well as my gear from my business trip. Milage in the 50-100 miles/day range, don't mind climbing.

Any advice (seriously - any at all) would be greatly appreciated. Best plan at this point is traveling up to Oslo, storing my stuff there and doing a 3-4 day loop.