Piece of Cake RR - Volunteers

David Saltzberg

March 17, 2017 at 8:37 AM

I want to give special mention to the names listed below. These are the
volunteers that are helping make the road race on Sunday happen.
I can chalkboard plans all day but these superstars are the ones that make
the plays happen. Without their generous help, you all wouldn't have a race
to attend.
Please reach out and thanks them this weekend or anytime in the future.

Seth Patla
Edward Lanton
Sarah Brown
Splinter Wren
Jon Ragsdale
Candi Murray
Mark Lokteff
Mielle Blomberg
Josh Anderson
J Maurice
Jon Hinkle
Gregory Kell
Robert Jackson
James Ceccorulli
Keith Solano
John Adams
Jennifer Haliewicz

P.S. - We still need one driver for the morning race (2:15 hrs of your
time). Add your name to the hero list above!

9:00am - P/1/2
9:05am - Category 3 Men
*9:10am - Masters Men 40 - 49 (Cat 3/4/5)*
9:15am - Category 4/5 Men
12:00pm - Masters Men 50+/60+ (Cat 3/4/5)
12:10pm - Women 1/2/3*
12:20pm - Women 4/5 & 40+ (Cat 3/4/5)**
12:25pm - Juniors (Men & Women)

David Saltzberg
Zone 5 Promotions, LLC