Women's Racing Announcement and Monday PIR

T. Kenji Sugahara

April 20, 2017 at 9:57 AM

Hey Everyone-

There has been robust discussion regarding Monday PIR and prizes by
non-race affiliated individuals.

I think that it's great that people are offering prizes to women, but I
don't think that method is the best. Matt has taken time and energy into
putting together the race- and I echo everyone's sentiments and say- hats
off to you Matt!

We need to remember that we operate as a community. The sponsors, the
racers, the officials- all of us. We're a team and we should all operate
from a point of respect. Another great option would be to help support the
women's series rather than doing something that could negatively impact our
sense of community.

I also wanted to let everyone know we now have a steering committee that
will be helping guide women's racing- led by Stephanie Chase!

And I issue a challenge to everyone out there- match the prizes and donate
to the women's series!

Kenji Sugahara
Executive Director
Oregon Bicycle Racing Association
Phone: 503-278-5550