WTB - awd wagon, sub $5k


September 20, 2017 at 1:17 PM


Once again looking for basically the same, except maybe lil newer and fewer miles than below.

Last time I posted this I got a great response, and an OBRA bro hooked up a pretty sweet deal on a pretty sweet Benzo wagon in great shape... unfortunately, I'd just bought another car, so my baby sister ended up with that one...... and then promptly blew up the one I'd just bought for myself.

So... yea.. that was rad. Drop like $6-7k into two used cars; end up with no car.

So what's out there in OBRA land now?? Would love a B5-5.5 with lower (at or under 100k, with maintenance done [yea, looking right at you, timing belt]) miles and super clean body.

Deal breakers: Must be AWD, must be wagon, must be in essentially perfect working order... have no desire to fix anything, just want to enjoy a well maintained glitch free ride, until I wrap it around a tree at 3am on a Sunday morning or blow the motor redlining to work. :-D HUGE bonus points for MANUAL trans, but I pretty much never see those on AWD wagons, so I'm not holding my breath.

$5k for a B5-5.5 Passat 4Motion with sub-100K mileage and complete maintenance history seems about right, right? That's the feeler I get from browsing craigslist.... but since I only get a reply from maybe 1 out of 10 emails/calls/texts I send out on CL cars, who really knows.

Would also absolutely love to get into a 5 series BMW iX (AWD) wagon with similar stats... but am willing to go a little older and little higher miles on a clean example.

And I'm open to other offers.. but Audi/VW and BMW are my favorites.

Thanks, boys n girls n non-binaries.



April 20, 2017 at 10:32 AM

Hey obra

Looking for a nice AWD wagon that's in good clean shape. Hoping to spend around $3500, but can fudge a couple grand either way for the right value.

NOT looking for a Subaru.

Passat wagon, Audi, Volvo, benz, especially BMW ... or something else I am missing? I'm open and eager for new ideas - just doesn't seem to be anything else out there, far as I can tell

No SUVs or SUV-lite "crossovers" though.

I know I'm looking at higher mileage/older cars for my criteria, so I'm expecting 100k/first half '00s. But am certainly open to bro deals on newer!