Velodrome committee update

May 30, 2017 at 10:30 PM

Hey guys ���
Just wanted to send out a quick note to let you know what is going on
with the track committee.

First off, I believe that Alpenrose has been and continues to be one of
the most fun tracks in the country. We ARE a vibrant racing community.
Mike and Candi have done an amazing job over the years, and our mission
this year has been to steady the boat and allow them to retire from
running the track without worry. Mike has been playing a supervisory
role to the committee the entire time. We are not adrift without

Any transfer of leadership will have conflict. We expected some
turbulence going in. This has been exacerbated by the fact that our
track manager could not get out of his job before the season started. He
has made multiple trips up here to work on the track maintenance, and
plans to be here for the season starting June 11th, working as track
manager and Chief Ref for many races. The majority of the committee has
been able to work together. We don���t always agree on the small stuff,
but we are still here, doing the work of making the track go: planning
and executing a successful racing season, raising community awareness,
and increasing rider recruitment. And it is not just the people on the
committee making this happen ��� this is the combined effort of everyone���s

We all share a vision of getting more riders to the track, and are all
working towards making that happen. There is no argument there. Racing
numbers are down across the country. That is a common denominator for
all promoters and race organizers currently. Of course we all want more
people to race track.
The vision that we all share is keeping Alpenrose the awesome facility
that it has been and continues to be.

The transition has been challenging and we are working through issues.
We hope to work with everyone to bring more people to the track. We are
here to have fun riding and racing our bikes!