BCCC Stage 1 wheel lottery

Brian Vegter

June 19, 2017 at 12:13 PM

Here is the Neutral Wheel Lottery for Stage 1. The names here were randomly selected and if your name is listed you are expected to provide a set of wheels for the support vehicles of your category. You will not be selected for Stage 5. A new random list will be chosen and posted on Saturday.

Wheel Lottery for Stage I

Masters 1/2/3 Men 40+
Steve Simone
Mark Sherman
Larry Jackson
Lance Haag
Michael Benno
Tom Lyons

Masters 3/4/5 Men 40+
Robert Tornai
Roberto Castro
Brett Ensor
David Saltzberg
Robert Huff
Mark Spencer
Greg Steele
Joseph Tysoe

Category 4/5 Men
John Wilger
Damon Dimick
David Henke
Justin Lair
Shane Johnson
John McGarry

Category 3 Men
Brian Kohagen
Matt Cusack
Chris Sarrett
Andy Anderson
Sean Hollenbeck
Erik Brockhoff
Brandon Nied
Scott Scholz

Thank you,

Peter Werner Chief Referee.