Thursday Night Track - Schedule July 13th

Adam Angert

July 13, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge starts tomorrow! If you're racing, this is a chance to shake out the legs. If not, we've got some great racing for you.

Racing starts at 6:30pm - $15 - $5 for Juniors.


Junior -
Men 3/4 ��� Scratch Race ��� 20 laps
Women 1/2/3 - Scratch Race ��� 20 laps
Men 4/5 - Scratch Race ��� 15 laps
Women 4/5 - Scratch Race ��� 10 laps
Men 1/2/3 - Scratch Race ��� 30 laps

Junior -
Men 3/4 ��� Unknown Distance
Women 1/2/3 - Unknown Distance
Men 4/5 - Unknown Distance
Women 4/5 - Unknown Distance
Men 1/2/3 - Unknown Distance

Junior -
Men 3/4 ��� Points Race ��� 4x10
Women 1/2/3 - Points Race ��� 6x5
Men 4/5 - Points Race ��� 5x5
Women 4/5 - Points Race ���3x5
Men 1/2/3 - Points Race ��� 5x10

Event Rules:

Scratch Race - The basic track race. All riders race for a set number of laps. A bell rings with one lap to go. The first rider across the line wins.

Unknown Distance ��� The officials will roll dice to determine the number of laps raced. The racers will not know the length of the race. The lapboard will count up, with a bell ringing on the final lap. Placement will be the same as a scratch race.

Points Race - A predetermined number of sprints occur at set intervals. For example, a 6x5 points race will have 6 sprints every 5 laps. A bell rings with one lap to go before each sprint. Points are awarded to the top 4 riders across the line for each sprint (5,3,2,1), the last sprint has double points (10,6,4,2). Riders are awarded 20 points if they lap the field or have 20 points subtracted if they lose a lap to the main field. The rider with the most points at the end of the race wins. Ties are broken by the finish sprint.

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