Thank you from Portland Trophy Cup for a Successful Night of Racing

Clint Culpepper

September 13, 2017 at 11:12 PM

A big thank you for everybody who came out last night for first week of Trophy Cup. We had a few hiccups with registration and I want to extend an apology for that. We held the races as long as we could but I think a couple of folks may have missed their race. If that happened to you, get in touch. Your race is covered next week and I���ll buy you a tamale. I promise, the tamales are really good.

I���m always amazed at the photos that folks take of the action. I have a sentimental favorite of the night and why that is should be obvious pretty quickly.

This is quite possibly my favorite photo that anybody���s taken at Trophy Cup.

Melissa has a great post on her blog with some truly amazing photos and some good words.

How about those women���s fields?!?! It was great to see so many riders, especially the Cat 5 women. 39 riders!! On a Tuesday night!! I can���t tell you how happy that makes me.

As usual, the volunteers were amazing. If I didn���t get a chance to thank you in person, thank you for helping make this race happen. If anybody out there is interested, your racing is covered if you volunteer. And you get to grab tacos on the way home with some of the other great folks that help out.

I���ll leave you on an exciting note. I���m not sure if you���ve seen the weather forecast for next week but I think #crossiscoming