NINKROSSI Beer and GPCM Castelli Leader Jerseys after race #3

David Saltzberg

September 21, 2017 at 7:58 AM


Ninkasi beer for this year's NINKROSSI 2017 is generously provided by Bike
Clark County. To prevent the beertastrophy of 2015, they have supplied us
with four (4) kegs of sweet nectar. All proceeds from beer sales goes the
the nonprofits youth bike program. Say thanks to them at the beer tent!

Each registered racer will receive one free beverage with their entry.
Spectators or racers who require a second beverage can purchase one for $4
at the event.

GPCM - 'NINKROSSI' is race #4 in the Grand Prix Candi Murray.

Pre-registration closes tomorrow at 5pm Friday the 22nd.


Current standings/ points can be found at -

GPCM Castelli Leaders (after race #3)
The GPCM Castelli Leaders Jersey will be awarded to the leader of select
categories (based on current points) before each race. The points leader of
each category is required to wear their leader's jersey while they maintain
their lead. Race attendance and participation is mandatory to receive the
jersey. If a leader is not present, it goes to the next highest seeded

Thanks Castelli! If you did not pick one up, you can pick up your jersey at
Below is a list of the current leaders.

Athena - Sonja Ebert
Clydesdale - Aaron Coker
Elite Junior Men 1/2 - Elijah Krause
Elite Junior Women 1/2 - Natasha Visnack
Junior Men 3/4/5 - Hayden Wierman
Junior Women 3/4/5 - Madeline Stover
Masters 35+ 1/2 - Shannon Skerritt
Masters 35+ 3 - Michael Collins
Masters 35+ 4 - Brian Wise
Masters 50+ - Rodney Trepess
Masters 60+ - Mark Schwyhart
Masters Women 35+ 1/2 - Ann Kennedy
Masters Women 35+ 3 - Susan Koonce
Masters Women 50+ - Lora Melkonian
Men 1/2 - Andrew Coe
Men 2/3 - Paul Furst
Men 4 - Jordan Taylor
Singlespeed - Seth Patla
Singlespeed Women - Ivy Audrain
Women 1/2 - Heidi Wood
Women 3 - Kayt Mathers
Women 4 - Kate Drennan
Men 5 - Tyler James (GPCM t-shirt)
Women 5 - Amy Vaillancourt-Sals (GPCM t-shirt)