Big Thanks and Trophy Cup Party Details

Clint Culpepper

October 12, 2017 at 1:30 PM

Was this the best Trophy Cup season yet? Probably! I think that we had some great courses and we certainly had a great mix of weather to keep us all honest.

Our awards party is happening this Friday (tomorrow) from 6pm-9pm at The Athletic (925 SW 19th Ave) and we'll have delicious Gigantic suds and Atlas Soda to quench everybody's thirst. The party will definitely be family friendly and we'll be doing junior podiums around 7pm with the other categories to follow. We don't have plans to have food at the event this year unfortunately so if you've got a hungry junior, make sure to grab some dinner on the way. Also, if you tend to get a bit lippy because of the beer, you might want to grab some food as well.

Our final standings will be posted at 6pm today at

We'll have prizes for all of the podium finishers save beginners and as always, equal payout for the elite fields. A big thank you to Portland Design Works and Stages Cycling for paying out one of the largest payouts in the scene. Thank them when you see them! Be sure to be at the party, if you're not I'll be likely to give your prizes away to a needy junior. For everybody who raced the series you'll have a chance to win one of two Dash head units from Stages. The catch is that you will need to be present to win, we'll all have a big laugh at your expense if you're not there.��

The photographer to racer ratio was great once again this season. A big thank you to all of them but especially Christopher from Broken & Coastal, Jake from The Wolf's Mouth, Dylan, Damian, Jose, Peter and Gavin. There were certainly more than that but these are the folks whose photos you've seen on the instagram feed and on the site. Thank you a ton!

I want to call out a couple of sponsors who really made a huge difference this year. Eric Hagstette and Inhabit Portland��for making racing free for all of our junior racers. This is something that we want to grow and we're working on something to expand the idea next year. Please thank him if you see him at the party, he's helping to start a great conversation about building the future of our sport.

Leah Benson and Gladys Bikes��brought an amazing amount of new racers out and I can't thank them enough. Seriously. Stop by the shop, say hello and pick something up.��

Our sponsors were amazing this year and we need to thank them for everything that they provided. Free junior racing, bringing a ton of new riders to the races, keeping everybody's bikes operational, course tape, prizes, leading the clinics, cash money and even beer. We had amazing support from an amazing group of people. In no particular order:
Inhabit Portland
Metropolis Cycles
Gladys Bikes
Gigantic Brewing
Atlas Soda
Stages Cycling
Portland Design Works
Gigantic Brewing
The Athletic

If you lost something at the races there's a chance that we found it. I'll bring the box full of smelly stuff and dirty water bottles��to the party in case we did.
Again, thank you all for an amazing series and hope to see you at the party tomorrow!