PVC committee member statements

Jen Featheringill

October 21, 2017 at 3:59 PM

Hey guys -

I did not want to blast the whole OBRA community with these, nor did I want
to put them on social media.
These folks are stepping forward to help with the track committee. We will
be voting on Monday night at the meeting.

Andrea Fisk – scheduling coordinator

I would like to be considered for the position of Scheduling Coordinator
because I want to take an active role in the Alpenrose Track community and
believe that I have a competitive skillset to excel in this position. I
currently review and upload the majority of OBRA results, and will also be
involved with the overall OBRA scheduling in 2018, so I will already be
familiar with promoters, officials, and concurrent race events that will be
taking place during our track season. I am a current official, an avid
racer, as well as a coach with the PDX DEVO team so I wear many OBRA hats
and enjoy working with various diverse groups within our organization. I
have exceptional written and interpersonal communication, superior
attention to detail, problem-solving, organizational and analytical skills,
and I thrive in fast-paced environments. My vision for this role is to work
WITH all relevant parties (officials, promoters, racers, training groups)
to create a thriving racing and training calendar that will not only help
our OBRA track community excel, but will create the momentum for a new
powerful era of track racing and interest in the Portland area.

Perry Sample – Scheduling coordinator (or other position)

I am wringing to express interest in the Scheduling Coordinator Position. I
know that I have not raced at the track nearly as long as many other people
have. I am also aware that I have not been involved with OBRA as long as
other folks have been. However, I really fell in love with track this last
year. I am planning on racing and being involved as much as possible at
Alpenrose and with OBRA for the next few years.

In general, I think it is important to be involved in the communities that
I am a part of. I spent a lot of time this summer trying to learn how to
officiate and learning how to race so that I could be more involved in the
future. The track cycling community here is small. In order for it to do
well and be healthy the people who are racing and training at the track
need to be involved in order for the it to be at it’s best. I have every
intention of being in Portland for quite some time and I want to be able to
contribute to Alpenrose with the skills that I do have.

I am interested in the scheduling coordinator position because I have
filled similar roles in professional settings. I have held multiple
positions in medical and social service based jobs that require a lot of
coordination and organization between multiple parties to manage how task
are going to be accomplished. I am proficient with excel, outlook and
google docs – i.e. I can make schedules. I am a good communicator so I
would be comfortable connecting with OBRA staff and other PVC members to
make sure that events and races are happening at times that work for
everyone, with the appropriate staff involved. And that the Social Media
website person knew when events where happening.

Also, I am genuinely interested in being involved with PVC and Alpenrose in
any way that I can. If there are other roles that are not filled and I am
capable of filling them I would happily take them as well.

Hazel Gross – treasurer

I have a strong background in finance with six years of quickbook
experience as a bookkeeper for multiple companies. My work is rooted in
GAAP(generally accepted accounting principles), financial ethics and
confidentiality. I'm very interested in seeing Alpenrose flourish which
will include good financial management.

Jim Graves - Rental Bike Maintenance

Jim is a reliable hard worker. He has been in the bike industry for some
time, currently working for a local bike builder and has also worked in
local bike shops. He has bike mechanics and building skills. He lives close
to the track so it would be easy for him to maintain and keep up the bike
rental fleet. He has also previously assisted in keeping up the track bike
fleet at the San Diego Velodrome.

Erin Glover - Track Class Coordinator

I began volunteering at track class regularly in 2011 and ran the track
class when head instructors were unavailable since the 2012 season. I am
confident in my skills in coordinating volunteers and riders during track
class and have ideas for how we might improve ridership at Alpenrose.

Looking forward I will increase ridership at Alpenrose by the following:

1. Holding track class bi-montly. This is in alignment with other
tracks which only have track development classes on specific dates during
the season. This alleviates the need for having so many volunteers (weekly)
and coupled with (2.) below, has the potential to decrease the number of
times a rider uses track class as "‘racing".

2. Having a track class volunteer (e.g. coordinator and/or other
volunteers) host the beginner rider on Fridays and/or Time Trials on
Tuesdays. These instructors would support riders in learning the norms for
participating in Alpenrose racing (and beyond); whether it be getting to
the rail on time, providing advice about gearing or strategy, or just
helping new riders warm up for races. [While this increased to duties of
the track class coordinators and others on PVC, I believe this will meet a
is a significant need of new riders - as evidenced by the newer WTF riders
at Alpenrose in 2017.]

3. Increasing track class cost to $20 (in 2018) and increasing as
needed beyond that. They are with us for the better part of three hours -
the same time as a road/cross race. What we offer is worth more money that
what we currently charge. However, I would like to offer a discount for
children and students with Parent and/or Student ID ($15)?

4. Coordination with the social media coordinator to connect with track
class participants after track class. Getting people to show up to race is
a significant challenge that can be met with using local data we can easily
get from an updated rider waiver!

I hope to see you guys Monday Night!

Jen Featheringill
OBRA membership coordinator