Open House Tonight! Portland Crossers and Mountain Bikers UNITE, Comment on the plan please! Ask for access to our trails


December 13, 2017 at 2:20 PM

Hello OBRA!

Tonight is the last OPEN HOUSE for the Portland Off Road Cycling Master Plan. Matt Dishman Community center in inner NE from 5PM - 7PM. Show up and comment and drop comments. Cant make it, that's a shame, but you can still send in comments to ask for trails. Every comment helps so do it, ask for access, ask for a cross venue, ask for everything. Hiking trails exist in the city and biking trails could also. We need a "Wilderwood" trail option in town. Thing big. Nothing will happen without your comments. We have to ask. We can all share our cities' trails. If you are the cut/paste variety, some talking points are below. Last day to comment is the 17th at 5 pm.

Thank you,

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I greatly appreciate the work of the PAC and of the city in this plan however, I am deeply concerned about the ORCMP draft analysis. I have outlined my concerns regarding the plan below. Please carefully review these suggestions as they fill the gaping gaps in connectivity that the ORCMP document left behind.

1 Please do not unilaterally banish bicycles from 81% of Forest Park Trails. We must share existing trail alignments with other user groups
2 Please proved urban and natural surface trail corridors in every quadrant (even the 5th) of the city. SW and NW are lacking urban trail corridors in this plan
3 Please consider utilized parallel and braided trail alignments along existing trails in SW/NW etc to allow for hiking and biking opportunities

4 Please do not let the BES banish bicycles from the River View Property.
5 Existing trails pass along the Tualatin mountains from the River View Property in the South through George Himes Park, Keller Woods, Marquam Woods, Council Crest, Washington Park, the arboretum, and Forest Park in the North. Please allow for either sharing the existing network in SW and NW, or call for creating a ���Natural Surface Corridor + Urban Surface Corridor��� along this trail alignment. One can hike along this path with almost no urban connections. The city should strive for connecting the Mountain Bike network via natural surface trails as well.
6 There is not enough green space, natural area, nor trail opportunities in Portland for various user groups not to share. Please consider alternating days or shared use on existing trails throughout the city.
7 Please also review PBOT, ODOT, and PPS properties for opportunity for trail alignments
8 This document did a great job of defining mountain biking but it did not adequately create nor identify longer riding opportunities on the West side of the river. This a logical fallacy as this is where the majority of park/ natural space exists, and this is where existing trail alignments exist.
9 Please identify a trail connection that is open to bicycles to the Metro properties on the North end of Forest Park.
10 Please create parity in trail access for those with and without mountain bikes. This plan does not currently accomplish that.