Hugh Givens

March 12, 2018 at 10:47 AM

Sad to report, Brad won't be able to join us for Ronde PDX (AKA De Ronde Van West Portlandia) and it won't be happening again this year.

You can ride the route anytime on your own, of course. An updated map with the addition of a new climb -- affectionately known as The Taylor Turd -- can be linked to from the usual location. Do refer to the Ronde map: at the request of local AHJs, no new markings will be painted. Some might be chalked, but don't count on them lasting too long...

While there won't be an official Ronde PDX ride, you'll see Pixie Project somewhere on the route -- please come prepared to support their efforts to get you up the next climb!


You can also find links to LaDoyenne and Giro PDX routes, other locations where lions prowl:

��� Tradition holds that LaDoyenne (AKA De Ronde Van Oost Portlandia) is ridden the day after Ronde PDX.
��� Giro PDX (AKA Le Foglie Morte di Sud Portlandia) rolls in mid August - giving you plenty of time to recover.

Ride the trifecta; it's a great way to exceed your Strava climbing goals. In one day, if you're like that.


11 years in a row -- must be some kind of crazy, bad luck record. No wonder Brad moved away. We're so sorry.

Maybe next year.