OSU Home Race/Pacific Northwest Womens Series Photos and Race Report

Victoria Eugenie Jansen

March 13, 2018 at 7:36 AM

What a great start to the collegiate season with the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (NWCCC)! We had a great turnout both collegiately and for the Pacific Northwest Women's Series!

OSU defended beaver territory taking podiums in Men's D, Women's C, Men's C, and Women's A Road Races! The day was perfect - sunny and in the 50's - something we have not have for four years! As of this weekend, we are in the lead by 211 points!

In the Men's D road race, OSU riders fought back and responded to attacks. David Kalcic took 1st place and Vincent Huynh-Watkins took 3rd place. In the Men's C race, OSU riders broke away for two whole laps before getting caught, but finished their attacking up Decker hill taking 2nd (Ian Wilson) and 3rd (Roman Rositani). In the Women's C, OSU Rider Ema Armstrong (Ema Armstrong) broke away and took a solo win, followed by Anna Wheeler in 3rd. In the Women's A's, Victoria Jansen attacked on the second lap forming a 5 woman breakaway for the last 3 laps and took 1st in the collegiate A category and 3rd in the Women's overall 1/2/3/A/B.

In the Crit, OSU racers took podiums in the Men's Ds, Women's Cs, Men's Cs, and Men's Bs. In the Men's Ds, Cs, and Bs, our riders sprinted to their places - Thomas Hope took 3rd in the Ds, Roman Rositani took 1st in the Men's Cs, and Ben Tankus took 3rd in the Men's Bs.

Looks like we have some upgrades coming on the team! We can not wait to keep crushing it next weekend at University of Oregon Cycling Team's race weekend!

Thank you to all the teams that came to Corvallis to race the Randall Fox Beaver Omnium, and thank you to all the ladies that came to race in the Women of the NWCCC's Pacific Northwest Women's Series (in which the Road Race was also a part of the Oregon Women's Prestige Series)!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping us get our members our their racing! FIRST Corvallis, New Morning Bakery, First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op, Live Well Studio, Hammerheart Strength & Conditioning, Kathy Hollenbeck, MRT Images, Tried & True Coffee Co., Urban Ag Supply

Thank you to all of our volunteers that helped us put on the race!

Thank you to our conference director and our amazing officials: Logan Fox, Zach Maino, Scott Sturges, Wade Schultz!

Thank you to our coach Dob Buffy for helping prepare us for our race season!

Thank you to all the supporters of the OSU Cycling Team!

And shoutout to all of our OSU Cycling Team Members for racing hard and scoring points!

Brandon Pendergrass, Peter Lake, Natalie Shaw, Caitlin Pellerin, Emir Aliff Nasran, Kristina Owen, Austin Ellerbruch, Sean Hollenbeck, Christopher Clancy, Hayden Ton, David Kalcic, Vincent Huynh-Watkins, Ian Wilson, Roman Rositani, Thomas Hope, Ema Armstrong, Anna Wheeler, Gillian Ingrid Bergmann, Ben Tankus

For pictures, check out all the collegiate team pages (we all post pictures of the races!). Here is a link to the OSU facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oregonstatecycling/?hc_ref=ARQ03C8lkJy4ChU4_Xy0UIbngIClG_C40UHPXY7SJP_TC31dfZMqd51XlG_YolJmAPI&fref=nf

Hope to see more ladies out in Eugene!


Victoria Jansen
Women of the NWCCC Women's Coordinator
OSUCT Captain