Under 24 Free entries Sasquatch Duro

Mike Ripley

May 15, 2018 at 8:35 AM


Crisis in cycling for the under 24 college crowd. OBRA and cycling in
general outside of collegiate racing has struggled to get younger as a
sport. We do have some promising things happening with NICA and other
actions, but its not enough to overcome the lure of the phone and ability
to not pick up cycling as a passion.

This Saturday in Oakridge 3 free entries for men under 24 and women under

30 Miles or 45 Hard Route or Harder Route
under24sasquatchmen for the guys

under24sasquatchwomen18 for the ladies


With Camping in the area anyone could make this a easy trip to oakridge for
the 10am start from 1st and Pine uptown Oakridge!

We do have two under 24 signed up out of 120 and we will get those guys a
free entry to an upcoming event. I figure in 10-15 years when I am done
they should have the means to help support the next wave of younger
cyclists to get out for an adventure!

Ride strong!