Camping for Oregon Gran Fondo Friday June 1

Mike Ripley

May 22, 2018 at 10:07 PM

Hey Gang

Bohemia camping after 2pm Friday. Bathroom even!
Start for most routes is 8:30 for the 117 mile Gran and 71 Mile medio on
saturday, June 2nd!

The 134 Mile Sherman Route leaves at 7am! 10,000 ft!
The 41 Mile Piccolo starts by 8:30

Food, bad ass socks and massage included! use veloclub10 for groups of 4 or
more...AKA Teams, you know your Team or club or friends coming as a squad
or posse or click

The end of the Oregon Triple Crown and stay tuned for some free under 24
year old entries this weekend and some on Memorial Day for Veterans! With
your participation, I will be giving away more and more entries, so please
attend and lets have some road fun!