Custom Calfee Dragonfly Frame 55 cm $1500

Steve Scarich

July 10, 2018 at 12:33 PM

For aficionados of the very best carbon frames, I have a unique frame for sale. First of all, the Dragonfly is what one would call a Superbike, handmade from high modulus carbon, infused with boron. Around 2 lbs for frame, plus an Enve full carbon fork and Chris King HS. Impeccable condition. Black nude finish. Unique build: compact frame, 54.5 cm seat-tube to top of frame, so effectively about a 56.5 seat-tube. Virtual 54.5 c-c top-tube. Very tall head-tube, with extra carbon layup for stiffness. So, this is a frame for a person as tall as 6', who rides fairly upright, seat and handlebars close to level. or, a shorter person, who rides a level position, perhaps the handlebars even being taller. Not a racing set-up English threaded bb shell.

This frame was almost exactly $6000 originally and, as I said, is almost perfect. I have found one tiny nick. Before I put it on EBay (where I am confident that I can get well over $2000), I thought I would try OBRA members first This is a one-of-a-kind frame, and Dragonflies rarely come up for for sale.

I am in Bend and we can communicate off-line. I can send pictures. Price is absolutely firm. I will personally deliver anywhere in Oregon.