2018 River City Bicycles Cyclocross Crusade - Venue Competitions!

Cross Crusade

September 12, 2018 at 10:55 AM

25 YEARS! That is how long The Cyclocross Crusade has been playing in the mud, drinking the suds, and (well, OK, lets not follow through on the rhyme...just once...)

To celebrate our 25th season, we are challenging all teams to compete both on and off the course. In the spirit of fun competition we are continuing with our venue competitions this season! Win the Coveted Prize -- the Venue Flag!
All the motivation you need to fuel your competitive spirit is the omnipresent peer pressure of Tent Village and the chance for your slowest team mate to stand on the Podium.
We are challenging all teams to participate in fun-filled contests at each venue as described below. The honorable and eminently bribable judges are The Cross Crusade Crew.

Alpenrose Dairy RACES 1 & 2
The Opening Ceremony of the 25th Anniversary Season is the Parade of Teams. Create a FLAG that captures your team spirit and display it in the Parade of Teams.
Each team is encouraged to participate in the Parade prior to setting up their tent in Tent Village. Proudly parade into the Velodrome with your TENT and your FLAG on Friday -- Staging at 4:30 PM. Parade at 5PM. (if you can't arrive for the parade, please bring your flag to the Judges' Table at the Cyclocross Merchandise Tent). Flags will be raised high above the velodrome on the flagpoles!
Winner will be announced at 4:15 at the last Podium Ceremony on Sunday.

Heron Lakes, Portland International Raceway RACE 3
Home bake your GOODIES and showcase them at the Judges' Table, located at the Cyclocross Merchandise Tent.
You must disclose ALL ingredients to the Judges with your entry, but we'll keep your recipe secret -- unless you win! Score points for unique flavors, original ingredients, or for best use of Bob's Red Mill products.
Judging will take place throughout the day. Winner will be announced at 4:15 at the last podium ceremony.

Cascade Locks RACE 4
You know those old race numbers stapled to the wall above your bikes? Let's see how creative you are and what you can make with them!
Score points on originality, utility, or absurdity. Winner will be announced at 4:15 at the last Podium Ceremony.

Deschutes Brewery, Bend RACE 6
COSTUME COMPETITION -- A Cyclocross Crusade Tradition!
The official costume race is Sunday (NO costumes Saturday -- that race is sanctioned by USA Cycling, and we don't want them to know what we are really up to). Prizes for best individual and team costumes. Keep it PG please...we mean it!!
Winners will be announced at 4:15 at the last podium ceremony on Sunday.

Make yourself and/or your team a RIDER CARD!
All riders are invited to autograph and exchange their cards at the Judges' Table at the Cyclocross Merchandise Tent at 4:15. The Winner will be announced at 4:30 at the end of the last podium ceremony.

Barton Park RACE 8
Celebrate 25 years of Cyclocross with your specially outfitted and decorated SPIRIT OF CROSS TEAM TENT! What does the Cyclocross Crusade mean to you? What does the next 25 years hold for the future of you, your team, our community and the sport of cyclocross? You're all winners in this one, but there will be a winner of the Venue Flag!!


Team competitions are judged by The Cross Crusade Crew, but participation is for the entire race community!
Think green! Bring reusable and/or compostable dish ware.
If you pack it in, please pack it out. Venue garbage facilities are limited.
Last but most importantly...HAVE FUN!

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