FS Yakima roof mounted bike and ski racks (cheap)


September 12, 2018 at 6:13 PM

I want to sell a roof mounted Yakima bike and ski rack I took off my 2006 Honda Accord for sale. It includes the roof rack, two bike racks, & one ski rack. It comes with matching locks.

Here is what is for sale:

Yakima round bar set 48" long for roof racks:$89 new, $25 offer, These are really old but look and work like new. I assume these last forever.
Yakima roof adapters for connecting round bar to Honda Accord roof (plates can change to match other cars if they still sell them. I haven't done the research.): Free, try at your own risk, these are really old but still work
Yakima ski rack which attaches to round bars, 14" wide for two sets of skis: $10, Very old, black paint is falling off, looks ugly, needs to be cleaned, still works
Yakima 2011 Sproket Rocket fork mount bike rack, fits disc brakes, no thru axle, fits round Yakima bars: $169 new, $50 offer (Premimum rack in great shape. I would happily use this for many years if I still had a roof rack.)
Yakima fork mount bike rack, bent to fit disc brakes, no thru axle, fits round Yakima bars: $10 (Medium quality rack in poor shape, broken clamp lever but still clamps, works for an occiasional use but I wouldn't use all of the time)

Buy them all for $75

They could all use a good washings.