GPCD #3 - Zaaldercross (Saturday Sept. 15th, 2018)

David Saltzberg

September 14, 2018 at 8:04 AM

*Zaaldercross* – Who’s ready for a crisp fall day with sun and showers! The
weather looks perfect for a great day of racing at Alderbrook. Come out and
enjoy the day!

*GPCD *- 'Zaaldercross' is race #3 in the Grand Prix Carl Decker.


Pre-registration closes today at 5pm Friday the 14th.

Current standings/ points can be found at -

*GPCD Castelli Leaders (after race #2)*
The GPCD Castelli Leaders Jersey will be awarded to the leader of select
categories (based on current points) before each race. The points leader of
each category is required to wear their leader's jersey while they maintain
their lead. Race attendance and participation is mandatory to receive the
jersey. If a leader is not present, it goes to the next highest seeded

We were able to hand out most of the leaders at Het Meer last weekend.
Thanks Castelli! If you did not pick one up, you can pick up your jersey at

Below is a list of the current leaders.

Athena - Sonja Ebert
Clydesdale - Brian Little
Elite Junior Men 1/2 - Jacob Olander
Elite Junior Women 1/2 - vacant
Junior Men 3/4/5 - Zane Strait
Junior Women 3/4/5 - Kayden Mckee
Masters 35+ 1/2 - Michael Gallagher
Masters 35+ 3 - Chris Wierman
Masters 35+ 4 - Christophe Berteau-pavy
Masters 50+ - Rick Metz
Masters 60+ - Russell Thorstrom
Masters Women 35+ 1/2 - Ann Kennedy
Masters Women 35+ 3 - Pam Power
Masters Women 50+ - Marjan Huizing
Masters Women 60+ - Susan Foster
Men 1/2 - Carl Decker
Men 2/3 - Hayden Wierman
Women 2/3 - Carley Leins
Men 4 - Andrzej Stadnik
Singlespeed - Seth Patla
Singlespeed Women - Janelle Bickford
Women 1/2 - Serena Bishop Gordon
Women 4 - Rachel Serslev

Men 5 - Jonathan Meyer (GPCD t-shirt)
Women 5 - Leah Brown (GPCD t-shirt)