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December 29, 2004 at 8:48 PM


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Dan Borman asked me to forward this to the list. He can be contact at




Frejus frame #31848

BB-top 48cm/19"

TTcc   49.5/19.5"

standover 70cm/27.5"

Quill stem 5cm/2"

cottered cranks 165mm/6.5"

46t permanent chainring,1/8"chain,18t cog

generic small seat new

generic seatpost new

frame drilled for front and rear brakes and fenders not included Specialized

toestrap pedals ( very nice MK copies) w/short toeclips wheels on the bike:

24" front 36sp incomplete label on rim is red and white, nutted axle,

new Tufo Junior 24 Pro tubular

24" rear 36sp Fiame blue label rim, nutted axle, new Tufo Junior 24 Pro


spare wheels:

24" front 36sp Fiame blue label, nutted axle, old questionable tubular tire

24" rear 36sp no label, nutted axle, old questionable tubular tire 24" front

18sp SarvedraTurboAerodinamica rim, skewer not included, Continental

CompetitionGP24x3/4 tubular tire good

This is a good example of a solid mini track bike. Will get a small

person in the correct position, as opposed to a small frame on bigger

wheels. I believe it was made in the 60's. Paint is ok, decals ok. The

only drawback is the permanent chainring on the cottered crankset.

However, changing chainrings is not usually necessary with the little

kids that might ride this bike as I have seen them turning well over

150rpm w/ no problem. For small adults this bike would probably work as

is too as the gearing seems ok to go same speed and rideable cadence as

I was on my 700c w/ 42x16 when we took it on a fixed ride on the road

over hills etc. Stories are that this bike was ridden in multiple

National track championships. I have lost the history sheet that came w/ the

bike... Now my son has grown too much to ride it and it is

time to pass it on.

It is ready to ride. $575.00

Contact Dan Borman: da-@orasonline.com


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