Re: More Euro Cross results for locals

Steven B

December 30, 2004 at 8:48 PM

Good article on Velonews this am too about the guys


I loved this quote "It was fun to hear Barry, Erik and

Ben in the car ride home rant about how pinballish it

was out there, just bouncing off the sauced-up

fan-club members from near and far." Gotta love those

Belgian cx fans!

--- Jon Myers <> wrote:

    Sounds like the crowds are big and almost as

enthusiastic as we had at

Nationals here in Portland!

    The World Cup in Hofstade was very wet and muddy

with many small

power hills. Much like Nats this year. Nys said it

was great to have a

"classic" Belgian course and win.

    Tonkin said it was a difficult race and he just

did not have the

legs. There were many difficult very steep pitches

and a lot of sand.

Trebon had a fantastic race and to get 25th in a

field that was deep and


    The race today (12/30) was a strong race for

Tonkin and 17th is a

solid placing, particulary when you look at the

close company.

12/30/04 Surhuisterveen, Netherlands

1. Richard Groendendaal

2. Wilant Van Gils


15. Ryan Trebon

17. Erik Tonkin

12/29/04 Loenhout, Belgium

1. Sven Nys

2. Sven Vanthourenhout

3. Erwin Vervecken


18. Jonathan Page

29. Barry Wicks

31. Erik Tonkin

12/28/2004 Hofstade World Cup

1. Sven Nys

2. Erwin Vervecken


25. Ryan Trebon

43. Barry Wicks

44. Jonathan Page

49. Erik Tonkin

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