Re: Test oF Endurance 50 and Clif Bar NW Singlespeed championships 6/10

Mike Adams

May 30, 2007 at 8:56 AM

IMHO this is the funnest MTB race of the year. I like all the races and all the variety but really like 50's and the TOE is just a fun all around course. Not as grueling as a 100 or 12hr and not as intense as a typical XC. Really just a good day in the woods with your friends but with a clock ticking away somewhere to keep your mind right. Wouldn't mind seeing a couple other 50's on the schedule....not that I'm volunteering.
Mike Adams

Mike Ripley wrote:


Back to the dirt for more fun in a day than you can remember. I have
30 camping spots left for June 9th behind the blodgett cafe and the
blodgett cafe will be having a 5.00 all you can eat whole wheat
pancake breakfast Sunday from 6:00am-7:45am at the cafe which is less
than 10 minutes from the start of the event. You will get a custom
plate with your name and team name on it if you enter by Monday June
2nd (I need it by then) You can register the day before and day of
also if you would like for either of the two events.

The course.

Please e-mail me for a map and each lap is 25 miles and 3750 ft of
climbing with 12 sections of singletrack and 3 aide stations per lap.
We wil haul your small cooler and or bottles up to any of those aide
stations fo you if you have them in the gym by 8am. The race starts
at 8:45 for the Singlespeeders and 9am for the TOE 50 riders.

Remember you will be placed in your normal OBRA BAR category post
race for your BAR points and will be given awards at this event per
the flyer categories.

This event may take you 7-8 hrs or you may finish in 4-6 but you will
have a great time and the post race massage and burritos will be
waiting for you along with two frames and racks and other great
prizes to raffle off.

LEts see some couple enter. I have a couples prize worth over 100.00
and anyone can enter the coed team just go to and Download the form or if you are going it
alone go to and enter. I will be at Pickets this weekend
and if you want to enter, I will have forms to fill out.

My thoughts go out to Ryan and jessie and his family. Ryan will need
time to recover and the trails will be there for him in 2008.

See ya soon

Mike Ripley

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