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david baker

September 30, 2009 at 4:44 AM

And hook up generators to the bikes to supplement the electrical use at the
Keep track of the kilowatt hrs produced individually and have a chart on the
front wall showing monthly leaders of kilowatt production. Sliding scale
monthly rates based on previous month's output.
And the Blazers could devote a section of seating to spin bikes at the
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> Okay, I've had this idea forever, but really don't have them means to
> do anything with it. So maybe someone else can take the ball and run
> with it.
> Portland needs a real Spin Gym! With all the cyclists and all the
> rain, we need somewhere to go.
> A place where there's a bunch of spin bikes some tvs and that's about
> it. Sure, there could be all sorts of the simulated racing machines
> and whatnot, but really just a place to sit on a spin bike and watch a
> blazers game would be solid gold. Maybe charge a monthly membership,
> maybe by the visit, there's a bunch of ways it could be structured to
> make $$$.
> Last year I searched like crazy, and there isn't anywhere in town that
> just has an area devoted to spin bikes, where you can just come in, on
> your own time, and bang out some intervals.
> If anyone knows of such a place or wants to start one, get me in the
> loop! I'll even work at the snack bar!
> Thanks,
> Joe King
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