Junior / High School Mountain Biking in Bend - Very Cool!

Bill Warburton

March 4, 2011 at 5:41 PM

Hey everyone, the Oregon mountain bike races begin next weekend on March
12th. I need your help to spread the word about the opportunities available
to young mountain bikers in Central Oregon.

Given our real winters in Bend, many people miss out on early season racing.
Like it or not, the season is pretty much over by the end of June.

This year, Mike Ripley has started a high school series just like John
Wilson did for cyclocross. I hope to help establish some high school teams
here in Central Oregon that will be robust and include mountain biking,
cyclocross and perhaps road cycling. I'll be addressing this to some extent
at an introductory meeting on Wednesday, so I encourage you to attend if you
want to get involved.

For this year, the high school teams can compete in 10 races:

Race #1 Echo Red to Red 3/12

Race #2 Hornings Hustle 4/10

Race #3 Peak Sports Mudslinger 4/23

Race #4 Bear Springs Trap 5/1

Race #5 Cascade Chainbreaker 5/8

Race #6 Spring Thaw 5/14

Race #7 Sisters Stampede 5/29

Race #8 Return on the Jedi 6/5

Race #9 Test of Endurance 50 6/19

Race # 10 Picketts Charge 6/26 Finals

- Race any 4 of the 10 races to qualify for the overall Junior Cup
- The Series Finals are in Bend at Picketts Charge and this will decide
the Junior Cup Champion.

Juniors can race in the following OBRA categories:

- Cat 3 10-14 Men, 15-18 Men
- Cat 2 15-18 Men
- Cat 1 15-18 Men
- Cat 3 10-18 Women

However, the Junior Cup will be scored with these age groups:

- 10-12
- 13-14
- 15-16
- 17-19*

New High School Series:

- Same as above, but riders only score Team points for your school
- Flat Points (fewer is better): 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 3
points for third….ect.
- Minimum 3 teammates required at each race to score
- Score each team's top 5 results for Series Winner
- High School Series will end at the State Championships on August 14,
venue TBD

To learn more and get involved with Junior / HS Cycling in Bend, contact me
or come to our meeting on Wednesday, March 9 at 7:00pm at:

500 SW Bond ST -- SE corner of the Wilson / Bond roundabout in the Old Mill,
it's the place with the huge parking lot and OBRA trailer.


William Warburton
Cycling Director

Bend Endurance Academy
500 SW Bond St, Suite 142
Bend, OR 97702