FWD: Triathlon Volunteers Needed - Rev3 Triathlon

Jim Anderson

June 30, 2011 at 2:38 AM

I was asked to forward this info on about volunteering at a local
Triathlon at Blue Lake Park.

See Details below:

Press Release OR 17 June

June 17, 2011 – On July 10, 2011 Rev3 Triathlon is bringing its
signature race series to Oregon for a Half distance race, consisting
of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. Due to unforeseen
circumstances, one of the key towns that had agreed to help host the
bike course has pulled out at this late date. Unfortunately, due to
the configuration of the bike course and surrounding area, there is no
way for the event to continue in its current location without that
towns’ consent.

However, the event will go on! In lieu of cancelling the race, Rev3
has secured an alternate location. After much consideration of the
surrounding area and potential sites, the inaugural Portland event
will now be held at Blue Lake Park, a short 20 minutes outside of
downtown Portland. “Despite this setback, we are really excited about
this new location,” says Eric Opdyke, Race Director for Rev3. “Blue
Lake is a great setting for a triathlon, and we’re looking forward to
our first Portland race. Athletes can rest assured that the Rev3
experience will not change.”

Rev3 Local Tie-in Charity Donation Program

Mission Statement
Revolution3 is committed to supporting local charitable & high school
organizations with the
intention of giving back to the local communities which help us host our races.
About the Program
Rev3 accepts a limited number of charitable organizations & high
school teams/clubs each
year to participate in our local charity donation/fundraising program.
In order to be considered, we require the charity/club/church or team,
to partner with Rev3
and commit to providing a minimum of 15 volunteers to assist at the
race. Volunteer
opportunities are varied and can include: aid station support,
registration, race course
monitoring, or pre/post race jobs.
The charity or team will also be able to promote their cause or goals
at the race through
tents, signage, enthusiasm and spirit. As an option, the charity or
team will also be able
to set up a booth at the Rev3 Race Expo. The charity will be paid $15
for each volunteer
provided up to $1,000.
Non-profits/charity organizations will be required to provide Rev3
with a copy of their 501©3
status. Rev3 realizes that high school teams & clubs are not
non-profit organizations, but in
the spirit of community service; we also offer this program to youth
teams & clubs. Minimum
volunteer age is 12; volunteers between the ages of 12 -14 must be
accompanied by a parent
or guardian. Volunteers between the ages of 12 -18, must have parent
or guardian approval.
How to Apply
Organizations that are located in the Rev3 race area are welcome to
apply to the Official
Charity Program. Please provide the following information:
• The name, email and phone # of your Team Captain.
• A description of your charity or team that we may post on our website.
• Non-profit organizations are asked to provide a 501(c)3 letter.
Please contact LJ White at lj@rev3tri.com to sign up or to find out
further information.