Re: Pepper Sprayed on Sauvies Island today.

David Root

January 6, 2013 at 8:25 PM

Here's the Pepper Spray guy:

On Jan 6, 2013, at 6:39 PM, David Root wrote:

> The Therapeutic Associates Cycling team was just finishing up a great MotorPace session on the Island lead by Jon Pearson when we pulled into the parking lot of the little store a 60 year old driver of a late 2000's White Ford F 150 Truck was backing out into us. When we pulled past him he rolled down his window and asked why we were staring at him and we told him that we're just trying get past him and that we weren't staring, he then continued to back out and clipped our Moto driver Jon and then proceeded to try and start a altercation with Jon and told him that he had something for him and then quickly as if he had it cocked and ready to go, pulled out the most powerful Police grade Pepper Spray and shot him at close range "full discharge" in the eyes and face and some of the rest of us got a little too. I proceeded to call out his license plate # and then he pulled up and threatened to spray me too. This guy was looking for trouble and acted deliberately without care or conc
> ern and drove off. Can you say SOCIOPATH!
> I called 911, ambulance, Fire dept and Police were there quickly and got to work on Jon and finding the Perp. They actually found the Lunatic and arrested him. His Hunting club arrived later and kicked him off there Duck hunting club and grounds on the Island and apologize profusely to us for his actions and said that they thought he was a little wacko. He is also getting charged with hit and run! Turns out, the guy has a record of this type of behavior. I've communicated with Jon this evening and he is doing much better.
> All I can take away from this experience is that there are some really crazy people out there looking for a reason to cause harm to a cyclist or anyone for that matter and just be aware if someone is trying to provoke or start a altercation over nothing it could be a warning sign.
> I know many of you ride out there and some of the locals get a little miffed about all the riders, luckily this guy isn't a local and probably won't be back anytime soon. Just in case his lic # is 220 ESF.
> He will have some time in Jail to think about his actions and this is going to cost him $$
> Be safe.
> David Root
> Therapeutic Associates Cycling
> Road team Director
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