FS: Cross DISK Tubulars & Smith Parallel Sunglasses & Moots post


May 12, 2013 at 11:56 AM


Got some stuff to sell to fund the 29er I "need"

1. CyclocRoss Tubulars for DISK BRAKES!!!!!!!!

American Classic hubs laced to Velocity Major Tom rims. Glued up with Clement PDX Tubulars last year. I think these have 5-6 races on them from last year. Need a minor true. Can throw in the rotors for an extra $20. Come with American Classic Skewers. These are bad ass, I just moved North so my days of cross racing are much less (tear). $450

2. Smith Parallel Polarized and interchangeable glasses. Brand new. I got these as a replacement for ones I smashed, but had already gotten a new pair. Retail is $140. Yours for $80.

3. Moots 27.2 Layback Seatost. Titanium. One of the seat bolts is stripped and needs some magic, hence the low price. $80

I now live out of Portland, so I'll ship the items to you and you'll have to mail me a check or use paypall. Prices include shipping. I can provider local, OBRA member references if you are skeptical and can gladly send pics and answer questions. I just don't want to have to deal with ebay or craigslist.

I also have a size Large Titus racer x ($850 for obra!) with full xtr and 56 1978 Trek tx700 with Reynolds 531 and Dura Ace 1st generation for sale- let me if there is interest there and we can work something out!

THanks OBRA, miss ya'll!