Help a local, female Pro cyclist! **Housing Wanted***

Brianna Walle

June 18, 2013 at 9:08 AM

Hi fellow OBRA folks,

My partner Karey and I are looking to downsize our space/rent pretty quickly (within the next month). As some of you may know - I have had the amazing opportunity to race my bike professionally this year with the Optum Pro Cycling team. Thus far, it has been an amazing experience complete with new opportunities both on and off the bike. This being said - most of you are aware that the world of professional cycling (especially in women's racing) doesn't bring in loads of cash - and I find myself having to work an almost-full-time job while I am in town. I currently work a part time job at Yakima Racks (who have been more than accommodating) to make sure I can make ends meet, but alas, it would be easier on Karey and I, if we had a little less to worry about in regards to our cost of living - so we're looking to downsize!

We would greatly appreciate any leads on available apartments in the Portland area. We are not too picky- the major thing we are running into right now is storage for bikes. We don't need much more space than that. We are looking to stay somewhere close-in in either North, NE or NW sides of town so both of us can get to work via bike- and within a $650-$750 range. (or less if possible). We prefer a non-shared living space (no roommates).

Thank you for all your support that I have received thus far! You all are a great community to be a part of!

Please respond off-list!

Brie Walle and Karey Miles