TOE Sweeps

Mike Ripley

June 25, 2013 at 2:19 PM

Hey Guys

Im looking for 3 additional sweeps for the Test of Endurance 50 and 100K

I have 2 am sweeps for the 1st 39 of the 100K starting at 8:30am and 1 for
the final sweep on lap 2 of the 50....need lap 1 sweeps for the 1st 25 and
another 3pm sweep for the final sweeps to make sure the course is Clear.

Also looking for 2 more Mechanics for this event as well as a few for the
High Cascades 100 for a few of the 6 aid stations over in Bend (35 spots
left in the High Cascades 100 by the way...) and still some free spots for
on course aid station workers.

Talk to you soon


Mike Ripley
Mudslinger Events
Oregon Outdoor Recreation

Monroe, OR. 97456