Ultegra Di2 kit

Raul Gutierrez

June 27, 2013 at 8:45 AM


I am selling a Ultegra Di2 kit that I purchased around
January of this year. I have had it setup on my Giant TCR for the last
few monthas and I have ridden less than 300 miles on it. The kit is in
flawless condition and will include the following:

-front der.
-rear der.
-battery pack, bottle mount, and charger
-all connecting cables
-your choice of an external or internal junction box
-Dura-Ace 7900 brake calipers(originally purchased with the di2 kit)

Asking 1600$ for everything above

is absolutely perfect with this system and it requires the same effort
as clicking a mouse. There is no cross chaining since derailleurs
automatically adjust to the position of the chain line. I have spoken
with my connect at shimano and he tells me that there is upgradeable
firmware available for it and if you wanted to move to 11 speed, you
would only need the new 9070 rear derailleur. This kit is also
compatible with 9070 accessories such as the climber/sprinter buttons,
and the tt shifters.

I have been riding my campy 11 speed bike
for the last few months and I have concluded that while Di2 is great, I
prefer the solid clicks an analog system.

The bike is at the Charnelton Hutchs where I work, feel free to stop by and I can show it to you.


Raul Gutierrez